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"This is a beautiful book to read to your children or even as a pick
you up as an adult/teen and the pictures are beautiful.

A treasure that we should all read." – Liz Yelling, Olympian

"This beautifully illustrated story combines mindfulness-based wellness strategies with the value of being connected to nature in a way that can benefit us all. It's a wonderful reminder of the importance of kindness, love, and perseverance on our journey of personal growth. It's coupled with the brief yet effective daily psychological strategies for helping children flourish."

– Dr Charlotte Hilton, Chartered Psychologist 

'‘I think 'You’re so Amazing’ and ‘You’re so strong’ address an important area in children’s literature by focussing on building positive thinking and confidence. As we face continued uncertainty, supporting children’s health and well-being is more important than ever and these resources offer welcome support and sanctuary."

– Dr Caroline Sarojini Hart, University Lecturer in Education, UK

"These books are absolutely spot on! If you asked me for a shortlist of the most important psychological principles and tools for children, I’d start with the list of "Seven simple daily steps”. I wish I had these books when my children were younger, I’d have read them to my kids for my benefit as much as theirs." – Father, Clinical psychologist and the Executive Director of Innovation360

"This book is wonderful to share with young children to support them in exploring their own unique gifts and the impact they can make just by being kind to others. The encouraging words throughout the story highlight the amazing power of the positive inner voice." – Early Years Teacher

"With clear, uplifting messages about staying positive and appreciating yourself and the world around you, I would definitely recommend these books for children and families. The illustrations are wonderful. Such lovely reads!" 

– Mara Yamauchi, Olympian

“What delightful stories! I love how they convey such important truths in a gentle, encouraging way.“ – Judy L

"As a child, I always was searching for bits of wisdom with which to cobble together a way to live. This beautifully illustrated book is what I dreamed of coming across as a young girl – A charming story so precious and valuable. The gems of wisdom the flower offers the inquisitive child are tools to go forth into the world. What a gift to see this book come out in the middle of a raging pandemic. It’s the best vaccine of all.


These two women who are mummies and athletes and have been through the wringer of competitive sports and now share what is important in life. I applaud their efforts as the book is a keeper. The wisdom they put forth isn't always taught, thank goodness it's available here. Brava!" Kit Olson

"These books are beautiful gems of positivity. The illustrations are beautiful!! Delighted with my purchase, I bought both in the series as a gift (and have loved taking a moment to read them myself shh!)." – Jo R

You can read many more wonderful reviews readers have written on Amazon.


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